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Fiber and the Microbiome


There is a lot of talk lately about how our diets affect the population of bacteria that live within us (the gut).  I guess this supports the old adage of “you are what you eat.”   See a previous post HERE on the microbiome.

The study below is interesting in that fiber in the diet of mice had a profound effect on the kinds of gut bacteria present and the effect persisted  in the offspring of the animals.


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Nutrition Education and Health

brain-puzzleWe are bombarded by nutrition information or misinformation, with the latter being  either incorrect, misleading or exaggerated to sell products.  The article supports getting your nutrition information from reliable sources and the easiest way is to visit or read articles from registered dietitians,  licensed nutritionists or credentialed health coaches that base their advice on available sound scientific evidence. According to the article, it will give your long-term health a big boost.


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A New Epigenetic Study

Epigenetic mechanisms

Epigenetic mechanisms (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Epigenetics is the study of how our environment affects the expression of our genes.  They can be turned off and on depending on our lifestyles, including dietary factors.  Check a previous post HERE for more epigenetics. Interesting!

This new study further supports the role of diet with its accompanying nutrients in the expression of our genetic makeup. Very interesting in a field that is in its infancy.



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