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Are You Ready For GE Fish?

GE Salmon (top)
Regular salmon (bottom)

Next year we may see genetically engineered fish (salmon) in our supermarkets. They may or may not be labeled. Bottom line: Taste and consumer acceptance will determine its acceptability.

Read how they are grown HERE.


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The Paleo Diet: Fad or Trend?

To define the Paleolithic diet is impossible. Our early ancestors lived in different environments and their diets had to be food that was available in those varied environments.  However, it is considered by Paleo enthusiasts to be protein-rich, with emphasis on grass-fed beef and fish rich in omega-3 fats. Carbohydrates should come from nonstarchy fresh fruits and vegetables. Since it is assumed  that our predecessors did not have access to cereal grains, legumes, dairy,  potatoes, or processed foods – they are not considered to be Paleo. The avoidance of processed food does contribute to this diet’s good points; however, however, it may be a bit restrictive (not so good).

The Paleo Diet is either a fad or a trend.  Here is a very comprehensive article on all the aspects of the diet – its pros and its cons.  No one diet is appropriate for all – the best diet is one  that you feel comfortable with and can make it a part of your lifestyle.


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The Complexities of Food Sensitivities

Most people when confronted with a negative reaction to certain foods simply say “I’m allergic to” (fill in the blank). Self-diagnoses and treatments are common and result in the development of unnecessary restrictive diets and disordered eating.

The following article aptly attempts to wade through  the confusion and complexities of food allergies, intolerances or sensitivities in order to increase some understanding of what to do about these poorly defined and understood afflictions. Even many physicians fail to differentiate the confusion surrounding the problems.  We now have food labels that support a long list of “NO’s) – gluten, wheat, lactose, soy, nuts, high fructose corn syrup, antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, etc. etc.  No wonder people are challenged even when going to the supermarket.

Food allergies can be life-threatening, so it is important to identify which food(s) are the culprits. Keeping a food and symptom diary or beginning an elimination diet with oral challenges should not be attempted without professional help like your physician, physician assistant, or registered dietitan/nutritionist (RDN) who specializes in food intolerances.

The article is a long read, but if you think you may have any food sensitivity, it may be worth the time spent before any self diagnosis or treatment is undertaken. Search this blogsite for information on food alleriges, intolerances, FODMAPs and gluten or wheat intolerance disorders.


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Can Common Spices Act as Antiseptics?


A couple of interesting articles HERE. The first one provides an alternative to giving farm animals antibiotics. Wonder if there are any studies to back it up?? The second article  that  follows on the site exposes a sham blood test @$490 that claims to detect all your food intolerances (if you have any). Again, no research, but this one “quacks.” They call it Pinnertest – sound familiar? Buyer beware, for sure.

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