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In Defense of the Pyramids

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Pyramids at Giza

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The USDA Pyramid is dead – but before the era of diet pyramids becomes as old as the Pyramids of Giza, I’d like to point out that all food pyramids aren’t bad.  Other countries and cultures and researchers as well use the pyramid to illustrate the merits of their healthy diets as an answer to the USDA Food Guide Pyramid – diets that are based on science, not politics.

Three Pyramids come to mind – the Mediterranean Diet, Asian Diet, and the Healthy Eating Pyramid from the Harvard School of Public Health.  Walter Willett, MD with Patrick J. Skerrett has written an excellent book, Eat, Drink and Be Healthy.  Dr. Willett is a frequent critic of the USDA Food Guide Pyramid.  He says: “the USDA Pyramid is wrong… It’s wrong because it ignores the evidence that’s been carefully assembled over the past 40 years… Indeed, it actually steers you away from foods that can improve your long-term health.”

Future blog posts will examine these diets in more detail along with the benefits gained from eating these healthier foods over time.  The study of diet approaches and lifestyle habits of others offers some clues about the merits of these practices that that a lot of Americans are in great need of.  Stay tuned.

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