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Why Parents Choose Fast Food.

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;Title: "fast food is the best!"

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Two disturbing news articles last week point out our frustration with the American culture and healthy lifestyles – they both involve our younger populations.

The first article was entitled “More American Kids Eating Fast Food”.

The study interviewed 544 families with children entering a fast-food restaurant, which was located inside an San Diego Children’s hospital (nice place for a fast-food establishment – sends the wrong message, doesn’t it?)

The results of the surveys found that the foods most often bought for preschoolers were (non-surprisingly) French fries, soda, chicken nuggets, cheesburgers, and hamburgers.  Older children ate similar foods along with hot apple pies (ages 6-11) and chocolate chip cookies (ages 12-18).

Soda was ordered more than milk or juice and the families did not often choose slightly healthier options such as fruit parfaits. Families went to the fast-food restaurant for the following reasons:

  • Ø The children and the adults liked the food.
  • Ø Convenience
  • Ø The fast food was a reward
  • Ø The family was hungry and had no other food options (at the time).

Forty-nine percent of the families reported that the “happy meal” toys were not a big factor for their choices.

I don’t know if this study shows that more of our kids are eating fast foods but does point out a disturbing conclusion that parents choose fast fast foods for their kids as a reward.

Doesn’t teach them much of a lesson, does it?  Oh dear – what is next?  Check out the related article below.

And check out the next post on more news of our “kids” and diet.

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One thought on “Why Parents Choose Fast Food.

  1. And, of course, fast food is so much more inexpensive than fresh, nutritious food.


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