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Can the Hunger Games Become a Reality?

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Great take on the topic of “eating green” and how our current food policies are affecting global warming (aka climate change).  Instead of changing our light bulbs or buying electric cars, we should be working to change our current food system that uses between seventeen and nineteen percent of the total energy supply in the country and contributes a significant amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every day.

Let’s hope that the Hunger Games will not become a reality but serves as a warning of the future.  Our kids seem to get it.  Click HERE.

Also check out the Cool Foods Campaign website that provides great information in a user-friendly way on the food choices we should be making right now.  Click HERE.

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One thought on “Can the Hunger Games Become a Reality?

  1. Just what exactly genuinely inspired u to publish “Can the Hunger Games Become a Reality?
    | FOOD, FACTS and FADS”? I reallytruly enjoyed reading the post!
    Thanks for the post -Jackie


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