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More Warnings on Sushi?

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Many types of sushi ready to eat.

Many types of sushi ready to eat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Attention: Sushi lovers.  This is a good lesson in the safety concerns of imported foods. This should be in the mainstream news – how come it has been ignored? Please read a previous post here.


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One thought on “More Warnings on Sushi?

  1. Anyone who buys imported seafood should think for a moment. In the US and Canada, environmental rules are pretty lax and weakly enforced, but at least they exist. Remember when China dumped all the toxic waste in the river and didn’t even notify the Russians downstream? Polluted water = polluted fish. Restaurants do not have to tell you what country a fish came from unless you ask. You would be shocked to learn how much fish and seafood comes from China. Even the bottom-feeding, river tonsils called catfish sold in many restaurants comes from China.


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