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A Good Graphic Says it All?

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Honey Chicken

Honey Chicken (Photo credit: barron)

Could it be that this helps to explain our “national eating disorder”?  Be sure to read some of the comments – many people are “getting it”, and have found ways to return to common sense eating – preparing simple meals from fresh ingredients.   Do we want cheap, tasteless or great taste and healthy?  No wonder many other countries are healthier and enjoy their foods.  Isn’t it obvious that when they adapt our eating habits, their health risks go up?

When I am tempted by the convenience factor, I just read the ingredient list or take a quick look at the length of that list, and I go get a nice chicken breast (hopefully humanely raised), a great piece of salmon (hopefully wild), some fresh vegetable (steamed) with some delightful balsamic vinegar, butter, or lemon.  Broccoli is great with an anchovy butter sauce (you can’t taste the anchovies, really).  How hard is that?


I think the best example of a processed food was shown in the movie “Supersize Me” in which the french fries stayed the same after about 10 weeks.  Incredible!!

For old times sake or if you missed it, CLICK HERE.

Bon Appétit

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