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More On Prop 37 -To Label or Not?

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GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOOD (Photo credit: The Rocketeer)

FYI:  Two comprehensive articles on the ongoing debate about labeling of genetically-engineered foods

A frightening study was published last week that tested the effects of GM corn on rats for a lifetime.   From what has been reported, this is the first study to assess the effects of GM foods in our food supply for the last couple of decades that was longer than the  typical 90 day studies – far too short a time for cancers or other ill effects to appear.

The problem is that  there were serious limitations to the study and the lead author was a critic of GM foods.  This topic is highly controversial and almost everything you read is biased one way or another.  I admit to bias in that I have often supported the labeling of these foods so consumers can choose for themselves.  I personally have done a rat feeding study on breast cancer in rats and find there is a lot of missing data about the diet  in this study – i.e, what did the rats actually eat and how much?    This was just one study and should be repeated due to its frightening implications, in my opinion.  Nevertheless, it could affect the passing or rejection by California voters on Proposition 37 that would require the labeling of foods containing GM ingredients.  Stay tuned on this one.


For more details of the study CLICK HERE.

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