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School Lunches Around the World

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The USDA and Mrs. Obama have established some new guidelines about our school lunches and it has not been very well accepted by our students.   C LICK HERE.

It is interesting to take a look at the various school lunches around the world. CLICK HERE. 

It appears that  in  most countries school lunches reflect their cultural foods – only their cultural foods look a lot healthier than ours.   Check out a previous post about how the French view food in general and how their school lunches reflect their culture.

Can we expect our kids to just change their  food habits in our current food environment?   For example, some parents use  McDonald’s as a reward – i.e, “if your good, we’ll go to McDonalds.”  What do we expect?   Nice try, Mrs. Obama, but it appears that this is just not working out.  Back to the drawing board, I’m afraid.

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