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FYI: GMO Crops Some Warnings?

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Where are the benefits??? Just asking?


glyphosate (Photo credit: the weed one)

A warning from the National Academy of Sciences News in 2010 states:

Farmers need to adopt better management practices to ensure that beneficial environmental effects of GE crops continue, the report says.  In particular, farmers who grow GE herbicide-resistant crops should not rely exclusively on glyphosate and need to incorporate a range of weed management practices, including using other herbicide mixes.  To date, at least nine species of weeds in the United States have evolved resistance to glyphosate since GE crops were introduced, largely because of repeated exposure.  Federal and state government agencies, technology developers, universities, and other stakeholders should collaborate to document weed resistance problems and develop cost-effective ways to control weeds in current GE crops and new types of GE herbicide-resistant plants now under development.


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One thought on “FYI: GMO Crops Some Warnings?

  1. I wouldn’t GMO crops to my friends, families and children because the danger that might affect their health.


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