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To Label or Not – GM Foods

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English: A sign warning about pesticide exposure.

English: A sign warning about pesticide exposure. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you read this blog at all, it becomes obvious that I would like to see genetically-modified foods labeled, not banned.  I think we are way past that point. Prop 37 in California will be one to watch this November.  Due to hard to find research on this controversial topic, there is no way at this time to determine if these foods are harmful to humans or no. Additionally,  there really would be no way to attribute health problems to them unless we see some disturbing trends in the future – e.g. more food allergies than normal or a marked rise in cancer rates – something to that effect.  And even so, there could be so many other reasons for these trends to occur that cause and effect would be impossible without further extensive animal testing.  So due to the lack of this testing in the past, why not just label them so people can at least determine their own choices when it comes to these foods without Big Food political interference.  CLICK HERE.

There is some evidence that these crops could be detrimental to the environment with reports of resistance to some pesticides resulting using more instead of the original intention of GM crops reducing their use.    Also there is the problem of “superweeds”.  CLICK HERE.

So the argument continues – if Prop 37 passes, it will interesting to see what happens as a result – will more states follow.  Often, for some reason, what occurs in California can spread across the country.  It is so difficult to find unbiased information on this topic; independent research is greatly needed if that’s possible.

For a “fair and balanced” approach, you may want to check out this article from the LA Times, i.e. opposition ot Prop 37.  CLICK HERE.

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