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The Trouble With Fish?

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Atlantic salmon

Atlantic salmon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is trouble at the fish counter. There are concerns about contamination with bacteria or antibiotics from farm raised frozen fish products and sustainability of freshly caught fish due to overfishing.

In a previous post, the subject of food safety in China was troublesome. It’s too bad that we are so concerned about whether our pet foods contain ingredients from China, but we give little thought to the origin of our own food, particularly fish.

Next time you visit the fish case at the supermarket, check the country of origin often found (but not always) on the back of the package.  Look for “product of ” not “distributed or packaged” in.  A lot of the time you will find that these imports are from China, Viet Nam, or Thailand and often involve  species as shrimp, catfish, Atlantic salmon, or tilapia. For fresh fish, ask your provider for more information.   Only about 2% of all seafood imports are inspected by the FDA.  For more detailed information, CLICK HERE.

As far as sustainability, search the Internet for seafood guides.  The Monterey Aquarium Web site called Seafood Watch  provides consumer-friendly, downloadable information.

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