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Should You Give Up Gluten?

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Wheat is the third most produced cereal crop

Wheat is the third most produced cereal crop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the supermarket, one may think that gluten is the scourge of the decade judging by the myriad of signs indicating that the product is gluten free..  If you have already have tried to go “gluten free”, or are considering it,  you may want to read the linked article.   If you do not have diagnosed celiac disease or have told by a doctor that you are not  sensitive or intolerant to gluten, you may think twice about avoiding it.  Most “experts” suggest it is perfectly safe nutritionally to  avoiding it for about two weeks and if your digestive symptoms do not improve, you maybe should not be avoiding gluten.  However, gluten is not the only culprit when it comes to digestive problems and some carbohydrates.  There are fructans  which some humans have difficulty digesting due to the lack of an enzyme necessary for its breakdown.  Wheat is a source of  fructans along with other foods.  Check with your doctor to make sure your symptoms are not due to celiac disease and then decide if avoidance of wheat (at least temporarily) would be of benefit to you.  On the other hand, some people find that cutting down on wheat products while  not avoiding it completely help alleviate symptoms.


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