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FYI: Olive Oil

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Old olive oil factory

Old olive oil factory (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I buy olive oil, I am always stumped as to which brand is the best for the money and based on the price, it does make a difference on our budgets.  Here is a pretty good article on a taste test that was done on some fairly common oils found in most markets.  Of course, there is always bias in these articles – one never knows who funded this test, but you have to trust someone now and then.  The best way is conduct your own taste test and settle on your top favorites.  Pottery Barn is even suggesting a olive oil tasting party on their website.  Of course, they would like to provide the bowls and other accoutrements.    It also depends on what you use olive oil for – cooking or dipping or salad dressings.

I’ve also heard some good things about California olive oil, but find it hard to find where I live in North Carolina.  Bon appétit!


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