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GM Foods – Where’s the Evidence?

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Genetically Modified Food

Genetically Modified Food (Photo credit: Peter Blanchard)

A very informative article about what really has occurred or not occurred  in our food culture as a result of the incorporation of GM foods into the food supply  over the past decades.   The information presented gives one pause as to what actual benefits have we realized with their use and at what price in the potential harm to our health and environment – no one really knows for sure of the actual harm since safety testing has been sparse (in my opinion). In other words, we should ask ” Where’s the evidence?”

It’s a long and serious article (heavy on genetics at times)  but well worth reading  if you are interested in digging out some realities  about this controversial practice that appears to be with us for a long time whether we like or not.  It appears to be from a objective point of view and really raises some interesting questions that need to be asked  in an area that is  rich with bias on both sides of the debate.


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