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Food for Thought?

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Bread - Photo by Michel Marcon

Bread – Photo by Michel Marcon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This article has a lot of good information on some of the food issues facing us with our current food supply in the U.S.  Some are controversial; others offer just plain common sense based on current evidence.

The one that is probably is the most controversial is BREAD.  Isn’t bread the staff of Life?   It has been for centuries, but based on a current book, Wheat Belly written by a physician,  Dr. William Davis, wheat is now being scrutinized like never before.  My take on wheat is if you have persistant digestive problems  you may  want to give up this important staple food temporarily.  People with celiac sensitivity or those with irritable bowel syndrome may want to avoid wheat to see if the symptoms improve.  If they do, head straight for your doctor to further identify any medical problems.  Please, as I written before in other posts – do not  self-diagnose.   Wheat products can be part of a healthy diet as they are fortified with  or naturally contain  many essential vitamins and minerals, such as B vitamins and iron.  The whole wheat varieties give us healthy whole grains, also. Please watch the slideshow.


One thought on “Food for Thought?

  1. Hey Sally,

    I love Food, Facts and Fads! Do you get Marion Nestle’s Food Politics? She sent this out:
    Hope all is well with you!


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