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Unbelievable Fad Diets

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Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition (Photo credit: fantasyhealthball)

Fad diets are among my favorite topics.  During the 80’s and early 90’s, there seemed to be  a plethora of these fad approaches to weight loss including dubious devices like the electrical muscle stimulators (EMS devices) that claimed to contour the body by delivering low-voltage electric shocks or the promotion of vibrators in tables, couches chairs, or belts that may produce relaxation but no weight loss.  Of course there were and still are  pills and potions “guaranteed” to produce rapid weight loss by altering the absorption or metabolism of foods.  So far, none have worked with any great success to my knowledge.

The bottom line is that there is no shortcut to weight reduction or weight control. According to Consumer Reports, “people who really want to lose weight should forget about gimmicks, gadgets, and going on a diet”. Going on a diet suggests that someday one will be “off the diet” and even if some weight loss is achieved, it will soon return.   For permanent results, change must occur in eating and lifestyle habits”.  Where have we heard that before?

Check out the latest gimmicks here.

And for the really absurd:


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One thought on “Unbelievable Fad Diets

  1. I have found your post so unique and informative for all of us. I have never heard about fad diets. I am totally agree with you there is no shortcut for fast and quick weight loss but your suggestions and ideas are really remarkable. I will follow you.


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