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Snack Food Addiction?

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Snack Foods

Snack Foods (Photo credit: james.swenson13)

Snack foods are in the food news this week.  Have you ever noticed that the snack food aisles in the supermarket almost dominate the interior of the store?   We have cookies, crackers, snacks, cakes, fiber bars and chip sections and the choices are overwhelming, in my opinion. And that doesn’t even include the full aisles of sodas and drinks.

There are two articles this week about the snack food industry which we should all be aware of.  The first one is offered by Global Industry Analysts which predicts that by 2015, snack foods will be a 334.7 billion dollar industry.  And that market will be expanding to Asian and Pacific areas  with new flavors and gimmicks that will lure us all even further into the snack food world.


The second article discusses the ways that the snack food manufacturers manipulate their products to try to lure us to buy more of their products.  It’s a fascinating and must read, especially if your main breakfast, lunch and dinner choices come in a package, box, or bag.  It’s a lengthy article, but well worth it.

There is a discussion of the reformulation of Dr. Pepper that reminded me that when I was doing some private practice nutrition counseling, I had a client who was referred to me by her physician because she was having some physical problems which he felt may have been due to her daily consumption of  15  cans of Dr, Pepper.  We both tried to get her to give up this habit, but she said she could not.  This makes one wonder if she was truly addicted to the soda – as implied in the article.. Just saying?



Are we becoming a nation of snackers and forgoing the pleasures of eating real foods as part of actual meals?   It was very eye-opening to read that many of us skip meals and snack all day.  Judging from all the products out there, this may become a reality if not occurring already. Follow the money and beware of the tricks that may help to make these foods  addictive. How about a baby carrot?

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