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Mediterranean Diet Update

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Mediterranean diet (close up)

Mediterranean diet (close up) (Photo credit: grobery)

My favorite diet is the Mediterranean Diet and now some more encouraging news that supports previous research on the health benefits of this way of eating.  I have written previous posts on this in the past.  You may find them here and here.

There are plenty of cookbooks on the Mediterranean diet out there.  Try to have at least one in your library and really try to follow it as often as possible.  The original studies ion the diet were based on the traditional diets of the island of Crete.  The foods are not hard to find in our supermarkets and plan is simple and straightforward.

The hardest part is limiting your red meat consumption. Substitute fish (especially salmon), and poultry whenever possible. If you must, use red meat as a condiment or for flavor and not as the main protein source, i.e., filling half the plate.  The Internet is full of helpful web sites on how to “Americanize” the Med Diet, so check them out.

Bon Appétit!!!!


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