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Sugar Shock?



Yogurt (Photo credit: jess2284)

Sugar can be hidden in a lot of processed food products that make health claims.  Yogurt is one of them.

When I see the yogurt aisle in the supermarket, I am amazed at all the different types available now.  This slideshow gives us some guidance on the various types to choose.  Here’s where label reading is a necessity.  Some people think that yogurt is healthy and most are, but notice the grams of sugar (some can be quite high) and the grams of protein (which often differ considerably).

This is a start on some different choices if you want to choose yogurt as a dairy alternative protein source.


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2 thoughts on “Sugar Shock?

  1. Great post, Sally. All too often, we think of yogurt as our go-to “heath food”. The fruit-flavored yogurts are particularly dangers from a sugar level, especially for diabetics who have to be very aware of, and monitor their sugar intake.


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