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Diabetes Prevention

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English: The blue circle is the global symbol ...

English: The blue circle is the global symbol for diabetes, introduced by the International Diabetes Federation with the aim of giving diabetes a common identity, supporting existing efforts to raise awareness of diabetes and placing the diabetes epidemic firmly in the public spotlight. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s an appalling statistic that so many people are diagnosed with diabetes type 2 that we have had to call it the “diabetes epidemic”.  Equally disturbing is that many of us have a condition called pre-diabetes and either are not told by their doctors or have been told, but offer no advice for prevention.

To my knowledge, there is no pill to prevent diabetes at the prediabetes stage.  Therefore, physicians are often hesitant to tell people what to do when they see blood glucose levels rising.  The current advice is to tell them to improve their health habits like “get more exercise” and (my favorite),  “watch  your diet.”   What does that mean to the newly diagnosed pre-diabetic patient?  There is no  one diet that is the best for all diabetics, because each person’s body is different and may not react the same way to certain types of carbohydrates or sugars.

I usually do not recommend diet books or give diet advice, but there are a couple of books written by Diane Kress,  a registered dietitian and certified diabetic educator who has practiced her approach for a number of years with a great number of patients and allegedly produced some very good results .  I have read both her  books, “Metabolism Miracle” and “The Diabetes Miracle”  and do believe that she may offer a  healthy approach to someone newly diagnosed with pre-diabetes.  At least it’s worth a try if you think you may be at risk for this disease.   Her books have been published for a few years now and have met with positive reviews from her readers.  To visit her website, go here.

A previous post of mine  has described in more detail the studies that have attempted to deal with diabetes prevention.  For this post, go here.


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