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All About Supplements

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Dietary supplements, such as the vitamin B sup...

Found this great article about the sensible approach to taking nutrition supplements.  There are a variety of ways to meet your vitamin and mineral needs.  Consider the pros and cons to find out the best combination for you.


Pros: Sources of other nutrients and energy; can supply phytochemcials, antioxidants, and fiber; delicious and satisfying.

Cons: Need to shop and prepare; need to plan for in diet.


Pros: Easy to obtain a specific nutrient; can be delicious and satisfying

Cons: Often more expensive than regular variety; risk of over-consumption of nutrients; can displace more nutrient-dense foods.


Pros: Easy to obtain; no planning or preparation involved.

Cons: Can be expensive; risk of over consumption of nutrients; lack of antioxidants, phytochemicals and fiber found naturally in foods; not satisfying

BEST BET: (in my opinion): REAL FOODS; you cannot buy health in a bottle. Nutrients work together in a synergistic way; pills  cannot provide that advantage.


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One thought on “All About Supplements

  1. Good summary. I think all dietitians definitely agree that real food is the way to go. Certainly much more satisfying than a pill.

    I actually wrote an article not too long ago about multivitamins specifically and what the science says about them.


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