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The Red Tear Hypothesis

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P1000122Kori After

We got our dog, Kori from a shelter two years ago and as many little white dogs do, she had the proverbial red tear stains under her eyes as shown in the top picture.  I searched and searched the Internet for products to use, asked the vet, and nothing I tried seem to work very well.  I began to think we all would just have to live with it – there are worse things, you know.

A few years ago, when the big pet food scare was killing our pets  due to some errant ingredient from China, I began to make our Bulldog’s food from scratch so not to  worry about the latest dog food recall that seemed to happen every day. So I had some experience being a dog chef.

Kori is a very discriminating eater; no dog food I tried was acceptable.  I had no way of knowing what kind of food she had been fed by her previous owners. So again, in desperation, I began to cook her food as I had done before with the Bulldog.

Her typical foods include:

  • Ground beef (round) or ground turkey
  • Long grain rice (not highly processed), but real rice. Sometimes I use brown rice.
  • No salt added green beans or no salt added carrots. (canned and chopped)
  • We add some low sodium chicken broth during cooking as well as just before serving.  I heat it briefly (about 15 sec) in the microwave. Then we put it in the freezer in small containers.
  • Additionally, she gets chicken tenders poached in some water for about 30 minutes.  We cut one tender up in very small pieces at each meal (she gets  breakfast and dinner).
  • And that is it!!!  I give her powdered vitamins and minerals as well as some probiotics sprinkled on her food.

Here’s the POINT!  I suddenly noticed after a few months of this diet that her red tearing eyes were gone as shown in the lower picture.  My hypothesis?  Here it is:

Giving my dog whole, real, natural food instead of processed dog foods with a long list of ingredients has cured her red tears.  I can’t prove it, so it remains a hypothesis.

This led me to think about what our myriad of processed foods with their long ingredient lists are subtly doing to our own bodies.  Granted, we don’t have the red tear problem, but we just don’t know how some of these foods (as well as GM ingredients) are affecting our health in the long run.  Just food for thought!!

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