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A Perspective on Food Problems

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English: Description: Concentrated animal feed...

English: Description: Concentrated animal feeding operation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This article is an excellent, sensible and reasonable approach to the problems that are just beginning to be recognized about our U.S. food culture.  Changes will not come quickly with Big Food at the helm right now.  Factory farms are a disgrace for our animals as well as their detrimental effects on the environment and our health.  All changes begin with  consumers’ demands – they listen when we threaten to not buy their products.  Awareness is the key and education has to begin with our kids in the early grades and repeated and repeated again and again as they become responsible citizens.  Thank you, Mr. Bittman!!!

“To say nothing, to do nothing, stops nothing”.  Roni McCall, Founder, Through Their Eyes, The National Animal Abuse Registry.


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One thought on “A Perspective on Food Problems

  1. Spread the word! The more I learn, the more disturbed I am. I know I can never grow all the food we will eat so I will KNOW MY FARMER


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