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“Gluten-free” Finally

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Gluten-free beer

Gluten-free beer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally, a definition of “gluten-free”.   One sees this claim on almost any label in the supermarket.  Interestingly, this  quote from the article raises some questions.  “Since the rule was first proposed, gluten-free foods have become big business. Millions of people are buying the foods because they say they make them feel better”,  even if they don’t have diagnosed celiac disease.   Is this a placebo effect or is wheat and/or its components more of a problem than we realize?


For a comprehensive and sensible article on “going gluten-free  CLICK HERE. 

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One thought on ““Gluten-free” Finally

  1. This is good news, and only years in the making. I like your picture, if you’re looking for another great gluten free beer checkout O-Mission. Maybe with the new law they can label it as gluten free.


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