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Aspartame: Cause for Concern?

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English: Diet Coke Products

English: Diet Coke Products (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just finished reading the Italian study entitled “Life-Span Exposure to Low Doses of Aspartame beginning during Prenatal Life Increases Cancer Effects in Rats” referred to in the article below.

The conclusions from this study are:  “The results of this carcinogenicity bioassay confirm and reinforce the first experimental demonstration of aspartame (APM) and its multipotential carcinogenicity at a dose level close to the acceptable daily intake for humans.  Furthermore, the study demonstrates that when life-span exposure to APM begins during fetal life, its carcinogenic effects are increased.”

The acceptable daily intake (ADI) of aspartame is currently 50 mg/kg body weight in the U.S. and 40 mg/kg body weight in the European Union for both children and adults.   In a Swedish study of diabeteics, the general APM intake was lower than the ADI, but the worse-case calculation of intake in the children’s group was 114% of the ADI.

Some interesting facts were also cited by the authors. At their request, they provided national and international food safety agencies with all the available raw data related to the study.   These agencies included the U.S. FDA among others from whom they received no reply nor did the FDA provide an official opinion.


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