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The U.S. Diet Report Card

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English: Cheeseburger 20 years ago had 333 cal...

English: Cheeseburger 20 years ago had 333 calories well a modern cheeseburger contains 590 calories. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A great summary and interactive graph  of how the standard American diet (SAD) has changed over the years since 1970.


  • Consumption of yogurt, oil, and cheese is up which translates to higher calories (about 23% higher than in 1970)
  • This increase in calories is mainly in the form of sugar, fats, and carbs.
  • To breakdown this increase further, this means we consume more flour and cheese.  Cheese is everywhere (fast foods, pizza, salads).
  • Flour is from burritos, pasta, muffins,  most snack foods etc. etc.
  • So it looks like our carbohydrate intake is still primarily refined carbs, not whole grains even though whole grains are claimed on almost every food label.
  • Oils are often hidden in most processed foods (soybean oil, e.g.)
  • We eat out more often and are presented with large portions (small plates, please!)


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