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Should We Diet?


weight loss exercise class

weight loss exercise class (Photo credit: ninahale)

Based on years of research, we now know that most  diets just don’t work and weight loss is not easy task.   There are so many factors associated with weight  control  (loss, gain, or maintenance) –  genetics, metabolic differences and hormones and the environment which all work together to protect us against starvation and trigger the survival mechanism. Fad diets promise weight loss with unfounded claims:

“It’s so easy to lose weight without dieting or exercising”

“Eat whatever you want and still lose weight”

“Lose weight forever….you’ll never need to diet again!”

“Block the digestion and absorption of fat, carbs, or calories!”

“Rapid weight loss: Lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks”

A previous post addresses  myth as well as a current article that basically says the same thing – dieting usually results in failure – often there is initial weight loss but in time, most of the weight returns or even exceeds the pre-diet weight status.  Our food-laden culture is counter-productive to weight loss as well as the as the type of food available (high sugar and fat),


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