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Banning Trans Fats- Finally!


Front cover of the first Crisco cookbook, publ...

Front cover of the first Crisco cookbook, published in 1912. This file was obtained from the crisco website in the timeline section This work is in the public domain in the US per Wikipedia:Public domain because it was published before 1923. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s about time!!!  We now know that trans fats are actually worse for heart health than saturated fat because they raise LDL cholesterol levels and lower HDL  cholesterol in the body.

They are made during the process of hydrogenation when hydrogen is added to an unsaturated fatty acid to make it more saturated and solid at room temperature.  It results in causing a reconfiguring of some of its double bonds.

In the Nurse’s Health Study women who consumed the greatest amount of trans fats in their diet had a 50% higher risk of heart attack compared to women who consumed the least.

Some research suggests that trans fats also raise a fat protein called lipoprotoein(a) and triglycerides – two other compounds that may contribute to clogged arteries.  There is also evidence that trans fats may increase the risk of diabetes.

Still, check ingredient labels for “partially hydrogenated” to see if there are still some trans fats in the product.  Products labeled “trans-fat-free must contain less than 0.5 grams of both trans and saturated fats per serving.  If you eat more than one serving (as people often do), you may still be consuming trans fats.


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