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Gluten-free Crazy

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Gluten-free beer

Gluten-free beer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In my opinion, this article addresses  the gluten-free craze in the most reasonable way to date.  It is a British article and British products are mentioned, but the same applies to the U.S; nevertheless,  the point is well made.

Some important points from the article to consider:

” Coeliacs make up only one in 100 of the population, while one in five of us is buying gluten-free products”.

“Surveys of U.S. consumers show that, of these only 5% are buying to combat coeliac disease, while the vast majority citing their reasons as “digestive health”, “nutritional value”, and “to help me lose weight”.

Interestingly, this article addresses some other reasons other than gluten that may be the culprits.  Briefly, yeast and/or genetic modifications of wheat that have in the recent past changed the wheat plant to a dwarf variety may play a a role..  Dr. William Davis discusses this fully in his book, “Wheat Belly”.  Also a manufacturing process back in 1961 may be implicated.  The problem is that there is little research to support these theories, but does give one “food for thought”.

If you are avoiding, gluten products, this article is worth some attention.  Enjoy!!!


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