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Consumers Beware !

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Dietary supplements, such as the vitamin B sup...

Consumers Beware!!!

The snake oil salesmen of the past are very much still with us.   They are now in the nutrition supplement, especially weight loss supplement business, and as we are in the season of New Year Resolutions, they are coming on strong.

In order to not fall prey to their claims and schemes on infomercials, ads, and websites, keep in mind their most common tactics:

  • They say that most Americans are not adequately nourished.
  • Everyone should take vitamin supplements (or their product).
  • You need supplements to relieve stress, lose weight, and give you energy.
  • You can lose a lot of weight in a very short time.
  • They rely on testimonials often from famous people.
  • Their products can produce amazing results.
  • Herbs are safe because they are natural.
  • A hair sample can identify nutrient deficiencies.
  • Your MD or RD is a quack to whom you should not listen to.
  • There is no risk as there is a money-back guarantee.

However, there is help on the way.

It’s about time the FTC (Federal Trade Commission)  has finally cracked down on some bogus weight loss claims and products.  For more information on some other dubious claims, see my previous post here.


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