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Diets, 2013?

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Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition (Photo credit: fantasyhealthball)

What were the diets most searched for on Google last year?   Click on the article below to find out.  In my opinion of this list, beware of the Fruitarian Diet, The Ketogenic Diet, as well as the Master Cleanse and Juice Cleanse diets.

A diet should be flexible and balanced and not eliminate certain foods or food groups.  A balanced diet should include healthy foods from all food groups like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, lean protein sources, nuts and seeds.  The foods should also be available in local supermarkets or farmer’s markets.

A diet should be balanced to provide essential nutrients and not be restricted in eating just certain foods claimed to be “superfoods”.  Safe diets should not require buying excessive vitamins or supplements.

A diet should include foods you like and enjoy eating for the rest of your life.  If you don’t like the foods, you will not stick with it,  thus no weight loss for long term success.

A diet plan should include some form of exercise that you enjoy.  Exercise can also help your moods, help to strengthen your heart, and help you maintain your long term weight loss.

A healthy diet should not just concentrate on weight loss, but fit your lifestyle and should provide health benefits for life.

Check with your doctor before beginning any new  diet.


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