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US Nutritional Fact Label

US Nutritional Fact Label (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OH YES!!!   This article is a good summary of the suggested changes for the new Nutrition Facts Labels.  Some of my favorite changes are:

  • Elimination of out-of-date serving sizes to more realistic serving sizes
  • Elimination of calories from fat and % Daily Values.
  • Addition of “added sugars”
  • Addition of vitamin D and potassium content

Another proposal suggested by many to improve food labels is to use front-of-pack labeling system.

A recent study also found that using a front-of-package labeling system like the American Heart Association (AHA) Heart-Check Food Certification Program was positively associated with 2005 Healthy Eating Index ( HEI-2005) scores. The study used data from 11, 296 men and women using a 1-d dietary recall from NHANES 2007-2010.  Those consumers in the highest quintile of daily energy intake from the Heart Check Program foods was associated with lower risk of obesity, lower risk of elevated waist circumference and lower risk of metabolic syndrome than those consumers with the lowest intake of these foods.  They concluded that the choice of foods meeting a front – of pack labeling system positively influences food- group and nutrient intakes and is associated with a higher diet quality and lower risk of metabolic syndrome, i.e, a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, March, 2014.


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