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The Meat Market – Shame on Tyson


Meat market

Meat market (Photo credit: State Library of Victoria Collections)

This is an interesting site – check it out if you’re interested in our food supply (in this case meat)  and how it operates.  I am ordering the book, The Meat Market by Christopher Leonard.  The events are live on the dates presented.  They are lengthy but you can choose your time and watch as long or as little as you want to.


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2 thoughts on “The Meat Market – Shame on Tyson

  1. Thanks for your perspective. I will check your posts with interest.


  2. As a farmer who raises cattle, I was thoroughly disappointed with Mr. Leonard’s book. I felt that his understanding and portrayal of both agriculture and rural America was inaccurate. For those that are interested, I have done a series of blog posts in review of the book on my blog site. You can view these posts at The first post in the series can be read here: There are currently 6 posts on the site with the final 7th post coming up this week–all posts are archived on the home page under the category “A Farmer’s View on Foodie Books”.



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