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Grass-fed Beef Facts

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Hereford Steer

Hereford Steer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A  straight-forward approach on the pros and cons of grass-fed beef compared to CAFO beef.   It can be harder to find but nutritionally worth it due to less calories and omega-3 content. .  So many factors are at play here like the  economic  and environmental effects, however.       CLICK HERE.

There is a word of caution here.  Conjugated linoleic acid  (mentioned in the article)  is often touted as a cancer fighter but the  research is conflicting and sparse as to its health benefits in humans.  It can be found in supplement form but there are some safety concerns.  New research shows that the type of CLA in the pills may have some potentially serious side effects, including promoting insulin resistance, raising glucose levels, and reducing HDL (good) cholesterol.

It is  doubtful that those safety issues exist from its intake from food (meat and dairy products). CLICK HERE.


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