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American science journalist and author Michael...

American science journalist and author Michael Pollan, speaking at a Yale University “Masters Tea” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Food issues are increasingly in the news.  Civil Eats presents a summary and argument for the establishment of a National Food Policy promoted by Michael Pollan,  Mark Bittman,  et al.   Even though it’s more politics as usual and involves the hotly debated idea of government intervention, at  least it could draw the needed attention and education of  the ongoing problems with the U.S. food supply and its effects on our health and environment.

This is more than just the government telling people what to eat (the “nanny” state). It is quite easy for a consumer to know that the best bet is to avoid all sorts of processed foods in the first place and eat their fruits and vegetables. However,  if people avoided enough of the processed foods  there would  be less of a market  for it and hence junk food production would be curtailed.  Consumer demand works time and time again.  Look what happened when people became interested in gluten-free foods; now we have them all over the place.  These are larger diet-related health and safety issues than that.  If people paid more attention to them, the food industry may listen and  the food culture could improve.  If that is to occur, it has to begin somewhere.





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