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Bringing Back Cooking?

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If only more people would be able to cook, think of the healthy benefits that would bring to our food culture.  Highly processed and convenience foods have invaded our food supply since the  middle 20th century and have grown in into a giant we now refer to as “BIG FOOD”.  Just visit the local supermarket and visit the vast section of freezer cases.  It used to be that frozen vegetables were the main component but now there are so many complete dinners of every kind – many loaded with fat, sugar and salt and boasting a list of ingredients  that fills most of the product label.  A closer look at these packages allows us to have an almost unlimited choice of Chinese, Italian, vegan, Thai and Indian cuisines.  But what have these highly processed culinary “delights” done to our health?  We now have the highest rates of obesity in history and along with this comes expanding rates of diabetes type 2, liver abnormalities (fatty liver disease), a set of symptoms now referred to the “metabolic syndrome” and expanding waistlines.  It’s not just fast food to blame, but our food production has gone out of  control.    We buy cookbooks, watch cooking shows, but end up buying the very kinds of food that only require heating with the microwave oven. Cooking at home can help to reverse some of these trends.

Here is an interesting article discussing some of the reasons we don’t home cook more often.  Good lessons HERE.

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