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Monsanto and Politics – The DARK Act

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What will be the next move by Monsanto and its allies to put through the legislature the DARK Act – a bill designed to prevent states from allowing labels to state whether a food contains GMO?  Based on a recent ABC News poll, barely more than a third of the public believes that genetically modified foods are safe to eat.  More specifically, 52 percent believe that foods containing GMO ingredients are unsafe; 13 percent are unsure about them.  The poll was conducted by telephone among a random national sample of 1024 adults with a 3-point margin of error.  This debate has continued between the organic food industry and the agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology industry (primarily Monsanto) since genetic modification development in the 1980’s.

In my opinion, I would favor on the side of labeling even though it is said by many health organizations that they are safe to eat.  However, there are other concerns about the safety of the environment and fear of the unknown (some people feared the microwave oven when it was introduced). Labeling foods that contain them would alleviate this problem and allow consumers to choose the foods they eat.  In not doing so, Monsanto is contributing to the doubt about the safety – what are they hiding?  Why aren’t the safety studies they have conducted not made more available to those of us who seek more assurances? There is so much bias on both sides of the arguments which makes it nearly impossible to form any independent conclusions.


For more on the DARK Act, CLICK HERE.


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