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More Sugar Blues?

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English: Earl R. Dean's 1915 contour Coca-Cola...

English: Earl R. Dean’s 1915 contour Coca-Cola prototype bottle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Coca Cola has recently pulled its funding from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) that represents thousands of registered dietitians.   AND has been criticized for its associations with “Big Food” corporations.  Some of their members have canceled their memberships and formed the Dietitians for Professional Integrity group based on their criticism of this practice and conflicts of interest by AND. Coca Cola will no longer exhibit at the annual Food  Nutrition Conference and Expo, meeting this week in Nashville, TN.  Don’t worry, though, AND still has financial ties with PepsiCo, Inc. and many other large food companies.

Good Riddance to Coca Cola!



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