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Antibiotic Use in Foods

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A plate culture of Enterobacter sakazakii perf...

A plate culture of Enterobacter sakazakii performed during an antibiogram study. The clear areas around each antibiotic disc indicate the regions on inhibition in the otherwise uniform bacterial lawn. Obtained from the CDC Public Health Image Library. Image credit: CDC/Dr. JJ Farmer (PHIL #3031), 1978. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is reported  that 23,000 people die in the U.S. every year from antibiotic resistant infections (CDC).  That toll is estimated to rise to 10 million worldwide by 2050.  Although much of this resistance is due to the overuse of antibiotics by physicians and patients,  e.g. treating a virus with an antibiotic, more antibiotics are being used by animal agriculture than are used for human use.
 Antibiotics should not be given for promoting animal growth but only to treat sick animals.  The labels are tricky, so read them carefully when choosing poultry, beef or pork products.



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