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Is There Really a Paleo Diet?

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Fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins, potas...

Fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins, potassium and fiber, represent an important feature of hunter-gatherer diets. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A good article from Marion Nestle – respected nutritionist and author on her opinion of the Paleo Diet.  It appears from the Comments that people love their Paleo diet and defend it wholeheartedly.  My opinion – the Paleo benefits more than likely come from the avoidance of refined sugars, fats, and grains and thus processed foods.  It does allow for more animal foods, e.g., meats which for many, adds to its acceptance as a diet that does not foster hunger as much as the more restrictive diets.

We really don’t know what our Paleo ancestors ate.  More than likely, we  can surmise:

  • They hunted and ate leaner meat than our over-fattened factory farm animals.
  • They did not have access to butter, processed meats, cream or bacon.
  • They ate more “real” foods like fruits and vegetables.
  • They did not have a microwave oven.

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