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Good News for Cheese Lovers?

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Cheese seller in France

Cheese seller in France (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Could the French Paradox be explained by their cheese consumption?  Cheese is one of the most popular high-saturated fat foods.  Most cheese is 30-40 percent fat, most of which is saturated with some polyunsaturated and monounsaturated.  Only about 1 percent is cholesterol.

The French eat a lot of cheese (ahout 53 pounds a year).  This nearly doubles the American intake. It is important to know that most cheese in France is real cheese, no Velveeta or Kraft Singles there.  There are about a thousand different varieties and of the top ten best selling cheese, four are unpasteurized. The French feel that they have more taste than the pasteurized varieties found in  the U.S.  The problem comes to mind about food safety but outbreaks of food poisoning are very rare.

Here are some studies that report some health benefits of “real” cheese.  Keep in mind that those same benefits would more than likely not be achieved using the kind of cheeses we pour on our nachos or French fries. Again, moderation is the key.



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