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Food Fixes?

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English: Convenience food Why bend the neck to...

English: Convenience food Why bend the neck to nibble the grass when you can kneel down and make eating easier? Sheep seen on Leyburn Shawl. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In my opinion, our food supply is broken when it comes to its production and promotion. Something is wrong when consumers are encouraged to buy packaged products with at least 20 ingredients listed on the label.  Something is wrong when we are prevented from knowing what is in our food by the trend to prevent GMO and country of origin labeling.  We are told  to eat fewer processed foods while at the same time, food manufacturers keep promoting them every year with a plethora of new products that promise weak health claims. We are a nation of “subtle sicknesses” like diabetes type 2, food intolerance, or fatty liver disease.  Something is wrong when The standard American diet is described as SAD.

This excellent article suggests some ways to fix what is broken in the system.  It discusses all aspects of food beginning with its production all the way to its promotion and consumption. It suggests ways to get consumers more involved  in preparing (cooking) and learning about where their food comes from. It does not promote food produced merely for the benefit of the producer or the profits they may gain.

The Bottom Line:  “Food companies respond to consumer demand.”  As we become more aware of the food system in the world, we can put more pressure on those who depend on our demands.  May this article be the inspiration we need to make some changes that we deserve as consumers?  Happy New 2016!


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