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Consumer Confusion? What is “Natural?”

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The term "natural" is applied to man...

The term “natural” is applied to many foods, but does not have a consistent meaning. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The dictionary definition reads: “Existing in nature or caused by nature; not made by humankind.”

For further information on some examples, click on the link ” Labels raise the question: Are These 7 foods natural?  Maybe not! Arsenic is natural.


One thought on “Consumer Confusion? What is “Natural?”

  1. I recall reading in the news a while ago, within the last six months, that private companies, along with various federal agencies were working together to come up with a specific and measurable definition for the term natural. Obviously it is still a work in progress, however, the goal is clearly to make it impossible for any product on the market to be called natural.


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