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A Case for High Carbohydrates?

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What can we learn about diets from the Japanese? They have low rates of major chronic disease and have a high life expectancy. They eat a diet high in carbs and still have a low incidence of obesity. How do they do it?  Again, it may be the kinds of carbs (there are some healthy carbs) they eat, get more exercise and follow a low fat diet.

The Traditional Japanese Diet:

  • The diet is one of the lowest in fat – traditionally the Japanese get  26% of their calories as fat – about 8% lower than the U.S.
  • Fish is favorite protein source.
  • Soy foods are abundant.
  • They focus on presentation enhancing the  enjoyment of food.
  • They eat little processed food. They eat real food.
  • They eat about 65% of their calories from carbohydrate – mainly rice.

Bottom Line:

Japan: High carbs, more exercise, low fat

U.S.: High carbs, less exercise, high fat. Think of the popularity of ice cream or a candy bar. Sugar plus fat wins out every time. Much of our highly processed foods are loaded with both.


For more on Asian diets, CLICK HERE.


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