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The Big Cheese Glut?

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american cheese

The following article explains why we find cheese in almost everything we eat. It is now used as an “ingredient” in frozen entrees, snack foods, breakfast foods, fast foods while the cheese sections in the supermarket has exploded with every imaginable form of cheese – blocks, slices, dips, spreads, etc. etc. We put it in our stuffed pizza crusts, never mind all the cheese on the top. We pour it over our nachos. We pour it over pastas so that now  cheese is  our major source of saturated fat in the Standard American Diet.  A sizable amount of cheese in America is an ultra-processed product (referred to as cheese food) and cheese is a major ingredient  or topping in so many recipes. Granted, cheese is the perfect vehicle for the very characteristic we love – called “mouthfeel” that its high fat content provides.

Why do we have so much cheese? According to Michael Moss, writing in his excellent book, Salt, Sugar and Fat: How Food Giants Hooked Us: “To triple America’s intake in forty years, the food industry has also worked vigorously to change the way cheese is eaten.” p. 164.



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