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Low Carbohydrate and Real Food?

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farmersmarketsign_tnWhen people “go on a diet” like low carbohydrate, the Paleo Diet,  gluten-free,  or wheat-free , they may lose weight but often say they say they “feel better.”  What do these diets have in common?   Most of these diets discourage the use of highly processed foods that are notoriously loaded with salt, fat, and sugar. Lately, there has been a lot of discussion on how the food industry contributes to the obesity problem and how  sugar affects our health. I  propose another diet approach – the “low processed food diet.”  This diet would help control our weight as well  contribute to the subtle effects of our overall sense of well being.

Observational studies of populations with low rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease either traditionally or presently consume diets low in refined  carbohydrates and ultra-processed foods.  Not all carbohydrates are equal. It’s important to understand that there are “good” carbohydrates in the form of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables – real foods, in other words. Perhaps it’s not just the amount of food,  its the type that counts. How do the  endless lists of ingredients on ultra-processed foods affect our general health?  The following article addresses this approach in the management of diabetes.



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