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Home Cooking?

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If you believe the marketing of the newer fast casual restaurants like Panera Bread or Chipolte, you are eating healthier food than if you go to the traditional  fast food places, aka McDonald’s, etc. A new study begs to differ at least with the calorie count.

Restaurant sales are on the downward trend.  An alternative may be to try the new trend of ordering dinner via the Internet from companies like Blue Apron or Home Chef that deliver to you the fresh ingredients and you do the preparation. This approach offers convenience and saves you a lot of time. You control the calories and are spared the often dreaded trip to the supermarket where you spend so much on “stuff” you really may not need.  You also are not tempted by the snack aisles or the endless display of junk foods and ultra-processed foods.

I personally have never tried these companies but will and blog about the experience soon.



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