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How to Have a Very, Very Happy Thanksgiving

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I wish everyone a Happy Thankful Thanksgiving to enjoy the wonderful food we all know and have loved for decades. However, the holiday can be so much better  when we know the foods we are eating are as safe as possible. As a microbiology person, I can’t help but remind everyone to follow some simple rules for not only a Happy Holiday but also be aware of  food safety from purchase to leftovers. Providing a Thanksgiving dinner for family or friends can be hectic and it is easy to make mistakes, for  example, forgetting about cross-contamination of foods in the kitchen. And with more helpers and distractions in the kitchen,  the risks can become even  unintentionally more common. Nevertheless, if you practice common sense food safety rules from purchase to leftovers,  you will have a very, very Happy Holiday.

Bon appétit and enjoy.



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