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Nutrition “Science”?

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What ever happened to replication of a study, a principle of the scientific method?  No study is perfect, but conducting only one study often becomes the topic of a headline that misleads the consumer about a certain food or food brand.

To exacerbate the problem, according to Wikipedia: “According to a 2016 poll of 1,500 scientists reported in the journal Nature, 70% of them had failed to reproduce at least one other scientist’s experiment and 50% had failed to reproduce one of their own experiments.

In 2009, 2% of scientists admitted to falsifying studies at least once and 14% admitted to personally knowing someone who did. Misconducts were reported more frequently by medical researchers than others.  So it appears to not just be a common problem with nutrition science.

This problem presents a dilemma for nutrition-minded bloggers and educators. Consumers deserve reliable information about the food supply in order to make optimal economic and health choices.

A forthcoming post called “Science for Sale” will further elucidate the problems encountered in nutrition research and suggest some tools we can use to be informed consumers.



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