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Nutrition Quackery

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For years, I have been interested in nutrition quackery. Way back in the day, I personally attended conferences presented by the National Council Against Health Fraud and was continually amazed as to the myriad of “quack” cancer treatments promoted by profit seeking individuals that seem to never go away. I also served on the board of the Colorado Dietetic Association where we unsuccessfully  pursued legislation to counteract these practices. I guess they never will completely be put to rest, since cancer patients and their families can often be so vulnerable to the false hopes offered by these “charlatans”.  By the way, to my knowledge, Colorado still has no legislation that confers protection from misleading dietary practices. (Please, correct me if I’m wrong). There is nutrition misinformation which on its own is bad enough, but when it becomes what is called nutrition quackery, it takes on a more dangerous connotation.

It becomes dangerous when cancer patients choose or well-intention-ed family members persuade them to follow dubious advise and ignore the current cancer treatments by conventional medicine practitioners. Patients should have the right to choose medical treatment of any kind, but only when they are fully informed and aware of the false promises and the consequences.

The following excellent article presents some of the myths encountered by many vulnerable individuals in order to either avoid or treat cancer through diet-related means.

But enough of this proselytizing,


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